Our Employees

Timesheets are due every other Tuesday by 3:00 pm unless you're seeing a client after 3:00 pm on that tuesday.

For clients seen after 3:00 PM on tuesdays, timesheets are due the next day (Wednesday) by 12:00 noon.

Our Fax number is 651-305-1150

To log into your ADP account and view your pay stubs, click here. Contact the office if you need assistance setting up your ADP account.

For blank timesheets, progress notes, our payroll calendar, and W-4s, see below. Timesheets are also available for pickup at our office.



Quality employees are the foundation of our success together. We serve those in need with our professional, personable caregiver team.  We want to be your employer of choice!

We provide all the tools and training our employees need to best assist our clients. We have a comprehensive education program that will make you feel comfortable in situations you may encounter in home care. We require that all of our caregivers receive regular training to keep their skills sharp.

If you are interested in a career at Apex Home Care, please click here.